UK Art Aid was launched in May 2014 when I and a group of other artists donated paintings to raise money for Cancer Research. Each piece of work was the same size, 30 x 30 cms and followed the theme of 'Storm' Artists kindly donated paintings, their time and even paid for the postage when the paintings were sold. 

After a really positive response we raised over £4000. A BIG THANK YOU to all the artists who donated and to those who bought a painting. 

As statistics tell us, 1 in 3 are directly affected by cancer in the UK, everybody knows someone who is or has been affected by this terrible disease and it is important for money to be raised for us to beat cancer.

So I have decided to  continue to help with the fight against Cancer.  The Uk art aid website has been closed and paintings will now be sold through this site.

IF any other artist would like to donate a painting to Uk Art Aid, please contact

Some work will be sold for the marked price, while other pieces will be auctioned and sold to the highest bidder.

All proceeds will be donated to raise money for Cancer Research uk using

John Connolly

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